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(Updated: 28/8/2015)

The Story:

In a far away medieval world:
Magic is a common gift for many persons. The world was quite peaceful until this dark day... The day a comet fell from the sky bringing pain and chaos. No, no it wasn't from its impact... This comet had a weird source of energy on it... People call it "Dark Magic". Of course no kind of magic is trully... Dark. But this one had the power to make the individuals trully aggressive and even willing to use violence to dominate the world! The first person to touch the comet took full advantage of her new powers. She is now the empress of the dark magicians. Well... At least of the dark magicians whose bloodthirst is strong and their only purpose is to conquer the whole planet! Oh, I forgot to mention their power to control people's minds! By brainwashing normal people they gather their army which seems undefeatable and its number keeps rising from second to second. May the future bring peace and balance to this world...